We believe that feeling flawless shouldn’t come at salon prices.

Get summer ready with Pedi!

Say hello to our newest device – Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi! Pedi is an electric pedicure tool giving you a salon quality pedicure in just minutes! With two speeds and both coarse and fine roller heads, Pedi instantly and painlessly reveals beautifully smooth and youthful looking feet.

Get ready for summer with Pedi!

Our Products

Finishing Touch Flawless provides the perfect products to make your beauty routine the highlight of your day.

From painless peach fuzz removal to effortless pedicure treatments, Finishing Touch Flawless provides you with innovative beauty solutions to help you feel flawless from head to toe.

Finishing Touch Flawless is an innovative beauty brand that designs beautiful products that fit seamlessly into your beauty routine so that you can perform daily acts of selflove which helps you to look and feel flawless. We believe that confidence is beautiful, and that’s why we do what we do.

I have little tiny hairs all over my face. Flawless is really really effective. Without that peach fuzz my skin is so smooth, my makeup goes on flawlessly.

Toni Anne

It's a solution to an otherwise daily battle. I just see it and take it right off.


It's painless, easy to control, fast to use, super safe and it's so pretty! I mean it's perfect!


I got the smoothness of waxing without pain or redness